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Gates Repair and Installation Company Freeport

We provide roll up and roll up gates services for storefronts and underground parking garages for businesses and residential properties throughout Freeport New York area. We offer complete gate services from roll up gate installations to roll up gate repairs for store fronts garages.

Garage Door Freeport has been in the business for a lot of years now therefore we specialize in providing top quality of roll up's gates for commercial rolling which will surely give your assets safety and security 24/7. Our roll-up doors, commercial roll-up doors and garage doors gates are special since they're made of the types materials that will surely last a long time. We are consistent in delivering a top quality cost effective roll door unit within our standard and that's just why we have been probably the most chosen garage door company that many of the companies in Freeport, NY trust.

There are different types of gates available:

Solid Gate
Regular solid slats can be with 3" or 4" slats finish.

Grill Gate
Gate have openings so you can see through the gate. This gate is good for store fronts, so people can see your product through the windows after closing time.

Perforated Finish
Perforated slat is made from same material like the regular solid slats. the only difference is that the perforates is full of this small holes so you can see through like the grill gate.

We offer install, repair and service all roll up and roll down gates including replacing all entry devices such as keypads, locks, and other activation devices on outdoor gates. Garage Doors Freeport are specialized roll up and roll down gates professionals and have many years of experience in providing business in Freeport with our roll up and roll down gates installations and replacements. For more information on our roll up and roll down gates services please call us to get a FREE Estimate.


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